Things That Make a New Father Go Hmmm…

The scene: The four of us (Me, Wife, Daughter, Dog) are walking around the neighborhood, 6 month old daughter slung to me, dog on his leash. As we pass by the house of a family we don’t know, an adolescent girl hangs out a front window, holding the screen to said window. Her father is in the front yard walking toward her.

Adolescent Girl: I dunno, it just fell out.

Dad: You know why it falls out, don’t you?

Girl: No, why?

Dad: Because you girls bent the crap out of it sneaking out at night.

Girl (protesting): We don’t sneak out… (conversation fades as we pass the house and continue down the street)

I look down at my six month old daughter, innocently sucking on her fingers and drinking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood around her. Hmmm…